Olaf Sztaba and Ron Meisels provide subscribers with an actionable and concise message on U.S. and Canadian markets and stocks. Information is delivered on the website, along with a personal email to each subscriber whenever there is a new posting.


What distinguishes us from others:


There is no substitute for experience in this business. Our contributors have over 30 years of stock market experience. They had lived through numerous bull and bear markets, both cyclical and secular in nature. They have one thing in common: a truly distinctive track record.

Methods & Philosophy

Throughout the years and through our mistakes and successes we have found out what works and what doesn’t. Our methods have passed the test of time and allow us to anticipate the moves in the markets rather than just react to them.

Our focus on price

While most research services offer fundamental analyses, we focus on price instead. How many times have you experienced a situation when a stock (upgraded by most analysts) plummets due to the market conditions or its poor supply-demand standing? In today’s highly competitive environment, investment professionals are gauged by their ability to pick stocks whose prices are going up or eliminate the ones whose prices are going down. We provide the research foundation for intelligent investing.


We present our insights and analysis in a simple and “to the point” form. There is no need to go through piles of data and analysis. We focus only on the essential things you need to make profitable investment decisions.


We are truly independent. Our passion is research and in the name of research we not only meet industry standards, we exceed them. We have no connections with any investment bank or institution that would cause a conflict of interest. We accept no advertising, sponsorships, or kickbacks for our reports. We are 100% reader supported. We are independent. Period.

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