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Professional Organizations:

Canadian Society of Technical Analysts – an organization for all Canadian technicians; a new, very useful website with links, job board and contacts. CSTA has its own newsletter and organizes many interesting conferences with top technical analysts in North America. CSTA also has a School of Technical Analysis where candidates for CMT designation can get help and much more.

Market Technicians Association – a non-profit professional organization; a “must” for anyone interested in technical market analysis. The MTA offers great value for its members and affiliates: newsletters, a very active mailing list (direct contact with the best technicians in the world on a daily basis), numerous specialized committees, prestigious CMT (Chartered Market Technician) designation and much more.

International Federation of Technical Analysts – a federation of member societies from around the globe.

Technical Securities Analysts Association of San Francisco – the oldest technical association in North America.

The Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR) – an international nonprofit organization that organizes and manages Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) examinations.

Canadian Securities Institute – provides investment education, offers professional designations like Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) or Derivatives Markets Specialist (DMS); also offers many courses with the most popular Canadian Securities Course.

T.A.’s web sites and charting services: – highly recommended charting service offering a lot of interesting and useful tools like market carpet, public charts, historical charts, point and figure, and market summary, to name a few. It also offers a pay service called EXTRA which allows you to access your charts from anywhere. – charting service, especially useful for long-term charts.

Charting software:

Equis International – MetaStock Software – the maker of MetaStock – charting software I use. It works well for me, as I am most interested in intermediate- to long-term analysis. Easy to use and I recommend it for everyone who values simplicity. Good software for both beginners and professionals. Excellent value.

Omega Research – Trading Software – premier software for professional traders who trade more frequently. Highly recommended.

Market Analysis and Education:

Phases & Cycles Inc. – An independent research organization specializing in Canadian and U.S. securities.

Olafinvest Research Inc. – an independent firm providing technical and cyclical analysis of market trends, stock price movements and the supply-demand relationships underlying them.

Tech Talk – comments on markets, commodities, sectors and stocks by Don Viaolux – one of the best Canadian technicians around. It is really worth visiting his website and it is all free!

Lowry’s Reports Inc – an investment advisory firm (technically oriented); the oldest in existence within the United States. Known for its unique formula measuring the forces of supply and demand – the Buying Power Index and Selling Pressure Index. Paul Desmond, president, was the very first recipient of MTA’s annual award.

Richard Russell’s Dow Theory Letters – an analyst who spent nearly half a century analyzing the Dow Jones industrial average, a true follower and master of the Dow Theory. There are some nice articles on the website for free.

Crosscurrents – market analysis by Alan M. Newman, a very interesting and in-depth work; highly contrary analysis; informative charts.

Phantom’s Gift – an extremely interesting website; anonymous trader writes a book about the art of trading; excellent observations and great insights – highly recommended for all those interested in trading.

Please give generously:

Doctors Without Borders – the world’s leading independent international medical relief organization. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate.